the flatmate

i’m starting to hate living with my sister. she’s such a couch potato, seriously.

just when i’m getting the hang of getting a grip of my lifestyle, it slips when she’s here. i’m eating more than i should, i’m not working out, and i’m sleeping excessively. i get no work done. i understand that she comes home to rest and relax after being with patients all day but she is just amplifying too much lazy waves. she calls here and there expecting me to take care of her because she’s tired; i can’t. she wants to eat this and that and it’s getting more difficult to follow a diet like that. her TV is too loud and she sleeps wherever and whenever. that means i have to evacuate my truckload of necessary academic equipment to the next room every time. it’s driving me crazy.



the lazarus

i think i was just murdered towards the end of that semester. horrible. the summer that followed wasn’t at all uneventful, in fact, that’s probably why i was never here. hello.

im ready to talk again. anyone do anything slightly mischievous while i was away? do tell.   

18 People Talk About What It Feels Like To Be An Introvert

4 million points for Gryffindor.

Thought Catalog

When you’re an introvert, small talk feels really cumbersome and being in a crowd — you feel alone. Networking feels fake and when you need to recharge your batteries, that alone time feels incredibly satisfying. If you’ve wondered what it feels like to be introverted, check out this Quora thread.

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1. Ellen Vrana

I feel frustrated when I explain to someone that I need alone time and she responds, “yes, I need that every once in a while.” No you don’t get it, that is my preferred mode, almost all the time I would prefer to be alone. I was just making it sound casual so I wouldn’t offend you or make you think I’m weird.

I feel sad when people take it personally that I don’t want to spend time with them, or start to drift out of the conversation because my emotional battery is…

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