med-yo badboy

i have the worst luck in group mates. how much responsibility do i need to learn for the odds to ever favor me slacking off a little. i wanna depend on something or someone too! i wanna delegate work, pick a deadline and be at least satisfied if not impressed once in a while. i’ve tried everything, from guilt tripping, threats, detailing everything and nagging really early; i always end up doing the bulk of the work. 

i don’t understand. why wont you do the work assigned to you? are you an idiot? and don’t pull the i’m-all-cool-and-apathetic-i-don’t-do-work on me because i’m a bigger douche and i’ll take that card and shove it in your pretentious, apathetic ass, because you know, i like to do that work.  

in fact,i don’t care if you are irresponsible as fuck, i just need you to deliver your message of apathy to my face; so that i don’t have to think about you and consider your ideas or the fact that maybe you have something useful to contribute. i mean, come on, i had to figure out for myself that you’re stupid?! have you never been in a group? have you never learned common courtesy ever in your life? because if you never have, oh meee, it looks dangerous for someone to dream too big as being a doctor if that’s how you act around people you’re supposed to work with.

people die because things go wrong; because people who don’t care enough are unfortunately misplaced to this profession; because people won’t pass their work on time. not because of low grades and extra semesters. sometimes the oddest man out is the only man who gives a damn. 

TO ALL YOU FREE LOAFERS OUT THERE, FUCK YOU ALL. ang unreliable mo, get out of medschool, cunt. 

p.s. i always get that one comment from someone random that i do oral reports well. every time. THANKS.