lecture: parturition


almost drooling on my desk, my eyes were about to pop out from trying to stay awake in a bernardino lecture; he’s the most booooring of all Monday classes, of all classes possibly. what a struggle. don’t get me wrong, he sounds like a very promising ob-gyn- lots of experiences and whatnot. he just wasn’t the best 3-hour Monday morning buzz.

he said this though: “medicine isn’t hard. they just scare you in medschool, that’s why your mind thinks it’s hard but really, in the clinics, it’s not so bad. don’t make things hard for yourself.”

well blow me, santa monica, i hope the man knows what he’s saying because it feels so refreshing to hear something like that. ever. since first year, i’ve met a lot of doctors whose approach to students were just flawed and negative and i hated them for it. kidding or not, no sane professional should ever joke about failing or being stupid. none of them should have gained any right (even over the 30 years of teaching and practice, so they say) to brag, insult or flip anyone off.

and no, i’m not even just screwing with anyone’s head. as awful as it sounds, many doctors in my school just aren’t doctors to me. i’m a fucking grown-up; i think i can sort, judging from a person’s general character and how he/she holds himself in front of a crowd, the bad apples from the bunch. forgive me, but in my book, being a doctor is so much more than just getting through med school; that’s bullshit. bernardino said it himself, medicine isn’t hard, so pretty much anyone can do it in their sleep. but being a good doctor is a whole different “Jones” criteria scoring or T cancer staging or any other more tedious scale assessment.

i’m not saying i’ve had it all figured out myself, and no, i haven’t enumerated the characteristics of the ideal doctor, but i do have a distinct pattern in mind, and doesn’t include arrogant, sadistic and proud pricks; you can go fuck yourselves.

– A


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