doc ocampo

i was all ears. this man had me under his spell. and he was talking about colon tumors and hemorrhoids. nevermind that i have a pedia exam in the next three hours, i was too taken aback by the fact that it was possible to have a nice, exhilarating lecture where i study. of course there are brilliant doctors here and there (like two), but not a lot can win battles with my self-proclaimed ADHD. so congratulations. i can’t believe everyone else was pretending to listen while their eyes were all peeled to the pedia handouts. i was taking notes, on the other hand. duuudes, this is like the first time in so long that someone actually showed up in surgery lecture to actually talk for three hours in full cool mode.

ah well, it was fun while it lasted. sadly, and not surprisingly, the topic was too long for just one class. if i listened another hour my arm would have broken off from too much writing and my brain would have been so saturated. the problem is, no one knows how to break this stuff to proper pieces so people like me can have time to breathe and take in the lessons, nooo. FEU insists that we break our backs and let our brain cells overheat; nobody gives a fuck about the student.

take pedia for example. that exam was a disaster. the topic was supposedly a relatively manageable one, but since the student is the least of their concerns, the poorly-constructed questions were just so fucking confusing, i didn’t know how to answer properly. hindi man lang pinag-isipan. either that exam was made in a hurry or god forbid, made by a moron. unfortunately, whichever one it is or isn’t, would not have made much difference; i interpreted those questions wrongly and it’s done. there’s a huge difference between a difficult level exam and an inconsiderate and unreasonably hard exam.

then again, baka naman pinag-isipan niya, moron lang siya. 


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